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Mothering Sunday: Mother of God, here I stand

BeFunky_MotheringSunday1.jpgIn honour of Mothering Sunday on Sunday 30th March, All Saints Fulham Choir will sing Mother of God, Here I Stand by Sir John Tavener (1944-2013).

This anthem is taken from a larger work called The Veil of the Temple.

On his website, Tavener describes the larger work as “the supreme achievement of my life and the most important work that I have ever composed.” It runs over seven hours and is divided into eight cycles “like a gigantic prayer wheel with each cycle ascending in pitch and in cycles 1 to 7 using verses from St. John’s Gospel at the centre.”.

The lyrics come from the Russian writer Mikhail Lermontov

Mother of God, here I stand now praying,
Before this icon of your radiant brightness,
Not praying to be saved from a battlefield,
Not giving thanks, nor seeking forgiveness
For the sins of my soul, nor for all the souls.
Numb, joyless and desolate on earth,
But for her alone, whom I wholly give you.


About All Saints Fulham Choir

The All Saints Fulham Church is the home of three choirs. A traditional Parish Choir who sing wide-ranging repertoire which spans nine centuries and tours regularly at home and abroad; a Gospel Choir who sing a mixture of contemporary and traditional gospel styles, and a junior choir for children from Year 3 upwards.


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