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Belated Happy St Francis Day

On Sunday 9th October, the Ladies are away leaving the Gentlemen of The Choir to sing music to honour St Francis of Assisi whose feast day was on October 4th.

St Francis of Assisi by Jusepe de Ribera

At the Sung Eucharist, they will be singing two pieces by the renowned French composer Francis Poulenc (1899-1963). Both are taken from Quatre prières de Saint François d’Assise.

Written in 1948 and dedicated to the Franciscan monastery at Champfleury, France; the work arose as Poulenc’s second cousin, Jerome was a monk at Champfleury and he asked Poulenc to set four of St Francis of Assisi’s short prayers to music.

As an introit, the Men will sing Seigneur, je vous prie which is the third of the four prayers; it is a humble petition to Jesus
“I may die through love of thy love, as you deigned to die for love of my love.”

The video is of the Swedish choir Sofia Vokalensemble in 2010.

As the anthem during communion, the men will sing Salut, Dame Sainte which is actually the first of the four prayers. The text is a prayer to the Virgin Mary.

French text:
Salut, Dame Sainte, reine très sainte, Mère de Dieu, o Marie qui etes vierge perpétuellement, élue par le très saint Père du Ciel, consacrée par Lui avec son très saint Fils bien aimé et l’Esprit Paraclet, vous en qui fut et demeure toute pl’enitude de grace et tout bien!
Salut, palais; salut, tabernacle; salut maison; salut vetement; salut servante; salut, mère de Dieu! Et salut à vous toutes, saintes vertus qui par la grace et l’illumination du Saint Esprit, etes versé es dans les coeur des fidèles et, d’infidèles que nous sommes, nous rendez fidèles à Dieu.

English translation:
Hail holy Lady, most holy Queen, Mother of God, O Mary, you who are forever virgin, chosen by the most holy heavenly Father, sanctified by Him and His most holy and beloved Son and the Holy Spirit, which is the Comforter, you who were and shall remain in the complete fullness of grace and perfect goodness!
Hail to the palace; hail to the tabernacle; hail to the house; hail to the vestments; hail, handmaiden; hail, Mother of God! And hail to all you holy virtues which through the grace and light of the Holy Spirit are poured into the hearts of the faithful, and make us, who are unfaithful, faithful unto God.


About All Saints Fulham Choir

The All Saints Fulham Church is the home of three choirs. A traditional Parish Choir who sing wide-ranging repertoire which spans nine centuries and tours regularly at home and abroad; a Gospel Choir who sing a mixture of contemporary and traditional gospel styles, and a junior choir for children from Year 3 upwards.


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